We have more than 15 years of experience in SEO. Danish owned SEO company located in Northern Thailand.

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The quick facts

√ Danish-owned company

√ 15 years of combined experience

√ Experts in SEO, Web Design and Programming

√ Competitive prices because the company is located in Thailand – For the benefit of our customers


The first question we get from new clients and partners is “why is the company in Thailand?”

The answer is very simple: We love the heat, the food, the culture and so has the city of Chiang Mai, where the company is located, super talented universities that educate programmers, web designers and online marketers in a class by itself. The city was in 2012 voted the best city for businesses that would like to have IT expertise at competitive prices. Additionally, there are also advantages in that it is cheaper to do business here, as things like taxes, salaries, rental of premises, etc. is up to 70% cheaper than in Europe. This in turn implies that we can offer our customers and partners, some extremely attractive prices that makes sense for both parties – also called a Win-Win situation.

Why Choose Us
– We strive hard to ensure that our clients would be satisfied with the services we offer.
– We are highly familiar with SEO
– Our team of knowledgeable experts would be more than willing to work on challenging projects that other SEO companies would turn down.
– We provide effective solutions at a very affordable price.

Lastly, most of us were raised where you work. That means, we can really help you achieve success in this region! Give us a try and you’ll be grateful that you did!