Kristian Ole Rørbye

Kristian Ole Rørbye - move marketing

Meet Kristian Ole Rørbye, the digital Viking who has taken Thailand by storm. With unparalleled prowess, Kristian commands Google’s algorithms.

He’s not just a man with a knack for online marketing; he’s a true maestro of the digital seas, navigating the vast online world with SEO as his powerful compass.

Since 2006, Kristian has been a wizard in the realm of online marketing, with a deep understanding of SEO that makes even the most intricate algorithms seem like old friends. In 2009, he founded Move Marketing Co., Ltd., where he does not merely boost website traffic but transforms how businesses shine online.

In 2013, Kristian ventured into a new realm as the co-founder of Animation Mu Co., Ltd., breathing life into countless stories until he passed the torch to new hands in 2023. But fear not, his passion for elevating businesses’ online presence continues to thrive.

When he’s not conjuring SEO magic or transforming the digital landscape, Kristian can be found basking under the Thai sun, possibly sharing Google algorithm secrets with the local geckos. Should you ever seek to master the digital waves or just need a captivating tale about online marketing, Kristian is your go-to guy. With a blend of humor, wisdom, and an unwavering drive for innovation, he’s ready to guide your online presence to new, exciting adventures!

Full NameKristian Ole Rørbye
Date of BirthApril 27, 1982
Place of BirthKerteminde, Funen, Denmark
ProfessionOnline entrepreneur, SEO specialist
CompanyMove Marketing Co., Ltd.
Founded CompanyMove Marketing in 2009, Animation Mu Co., Ltd. in 2013
EducationMathematical Higher Preparatory Examination, Higher Commercial Examination, Studied marine biology at the University of Southern Denmark
FamilyWife, two children, five siblings
HobbiesAngling, chess, cycling


Kristian Ole Rørbye hails from a large family with five siblings, originally from the quaint fishing town of Kerteminde on the island of Funen. He was born on April 27, 1982, in this picturesque seaside community. Family is a cornerstone in Kristian’s life; he is a devoted father to two children and a loving husband. His family is his anchor, providing joy and inspiration amidst his bustling life.


After completing his Mathematical Higher Preparatory Examination, Kristian continued his academic journey by pursuing a Higher Commercial Examination (HH). Driven by a curiosity for the natural world, he then delved into marine biology at the University of Southern Denmark. However, after three years, Kristian realized that his passion for biology was more a hobby than a career path. This epiphany led him to chase his other passion in sales and online marketing, particularly SEO, which would come to shape his future career.


When Kristian is not immersed in SEO or spending time with his family, he indulges in his hobbies. He is an avid angler, a passion that connects him back to his roots and the scenic coast of Kerteminde. Chess is another pursuit that challenges his strategic thinking and patience, while cycling offers him a sense of freedom and physical activity. These hobbies are vital for Kristian’s well-being, providing a welcome respite from the digital realm.