We are a mix of danish, swedish, norway, dutch and thai nationalities - here to serve you.

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Some work at the office here in  Chiang Mai others work as freelancers.

Take a look at the people working in the office here in Chiang Mai here:

Kristian Ole Rørbye

Kristian has many years experience in online marketing and sales. It is Kristian, who himself is responsible for all customer contact, which means you will always get the best support and a person who has a constantly taking the pulse within Online Marketing and especially SEO. Kristian started Move Marketing back in 2009 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

frederik emil

Kristian’s brother Frederik Emil has worked professionally-edited with SEO in 6 years. It is he who stands for SEO department in Thailand. Frederik is especially keen to have shared all tasks to the other SEO team members as well as run reports for SEO customers, so we can constantly see if it goes forward or backward with the results -Pssst … it goes as oftes always forward


Experienced programmer who has incredible talent in programming in PHP. Tho has developed a sea of modules, templates and other speicaludvikling for PrestaShop and WordPress


Aum is our template man. It is he who makes web design into functional templates for either PrestaShop or WordPress.

Dennis V. Kjærgaard

Dennis is the joker in the Move Marketing. He is not directly related to the employee, but is a natural part of everyday life in the Move Marketing when he comes to the office, where he and Kristian doing online marketing and come up with new ideas and initiatives for the benefit of our customers. Dennis has a solid background in online marketing and entrepreneurship, where he spent several years working professionally with affliate marketing and operation of online shops.


Natt is our indispensable accounting / sektretær. She is the octopus of the company that handle all the practical and takes care of the accounts, health insurance, tax, renewal of work permits and much more. Without Natt, had it not able to work it all.