Digital assets and affiliate marketing

At Move Markkering, we work with lead generation for several of the largest companies and webshops in Denmark and abroad. We operate within a wide range of product areas and industries – including consumer loans, meal boxes, home decor, subscriptions, health, online dating, and much more.

Our approach is consumer-oriented in the sense that we start from the consumer’s buying situation. We gather all relevant product information in one place, making it easier for consumers to navigate the pros and cons of each product and service – ultimately empowering them to make the purchase decision that best suits their individual needs.

What we work with

Research and data analysis

All our projects are based on an initial research and analysis phase, where we map and uncover the specific and current needs of the market.

Strategy and implementation

Based on the data we collect, we build each website to achieve the highest possible visibility, interaction and conversion rate.

Traffic optimization

We continuously scale our websites through organic search optimization, paid advertising and the ongoing release of new content that matches the current needs of our target audience.

How do we work with our own media?

We work strategically with our projects so that they meet the needs of the market. This means that we research the market thoroughly before we start a project – for example, by looking at which searches are trending and what has the biggest revenue potential.

Once we have gathered enough data to support a project, we start the practical building of the website. This is structured based on the data we have gathered in the research phase, so we are able to build the most optimal user interface for conversion and return on investment.

Next, we scale the website. First of all, by boosting them through online marketing in the form of search optimization and advertising. Then by publishing new content and optimizing existing content based on the data we collect about user behaviour on the site.

Affiliate networks we use

  • Partner-ads
  • Adservice
  • Adsense
  • Adtraction
  • Pricerunner
  • Tradedobuler
  • Amazon affiliates
  • Daisycon

Projects and media

Below you can see a selection of the media we own and operate. All of them have in common that they generate valuable leads every month for the specific companies we refer to.

Among other things, we deliver leads to

  • Elgiganten
  • 3byggetilbud
  • DGDA
  • Frishop
  • Helsebixen
  • Bedrenætter

Want us to help you generate valuable leads?

Our data-driven and unique approach has positioned us among the absolute leaders in affiliate marketing lead generation in the country. We work primarily with our own projects, but we also acquire websites and partner with others.

If you have an exciting project that you think would fit into our portfolio, please feel free to contact us, whether you plan to sell it or want to enter into a partnership.